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Tokyo Game Show 2009: The News So Far.

One day I would love to go to Japan. Take in te sites, culture and general Japan life. Thats probably a long way off yet, but latest news from Japan is, the Tokyo Game Show is in full swing and brining us some information. So without further a-do, what are the big announcements so far?

Microsoft announces Project Natal Developers:

At TGS this year Microsoft announced the developers that are going to be making some games for the Xbox 360 hands free kit, the developers are as follows:

Activision Blizzard
Bethesda Softworks
Disney Interactive
Electronic Arts
MTV Games
Namco Bandai
Square Enix
THQ Inc.

Hmmm this could be interesting. Will we see a hands free Metal gear, Rockband, Final Fantasy, Guitar Hero or resident evil? We all know about the PS3 motion controller working with the revised edition of Resident Evil 5. So is Natal going to get he same treatment? Keep your eyes peeled.

Splinter Cell Conviction Gets A Release Date:

All you american gamers out there mark your calendars and get your gaming diaries out, as the new splinter cell is planning to hit US retailers February 23rd. As for UK and EU? well lets jus hope its at least a week after!

Microsoft Ups The Size Of XBLA Games.

Back when the arcade first came out for XBox LIVE there was only a 50 Meg cap on live arcade games that could be sold. That soon changed to 150 Meg as the arcade got more popular. But with recent arcade games such as Shadow Complex and the stand along Command $ Conquer expansion. It has been announced that the XBox LIVE Arcade game size cap is now a whopping 2GB. Might have to get that limited edition 250GB console after all.

PlayStation 3 Motion controller release date confirmed.

Leon is gonna love this! Spring 2010 is when all you PS3 gamers out there ill be able to get your hands on the PlayStation 3 Motion bundle, including Motion wand and PS3 eye camera. Yay for bloody motion controls!

For news stories thats about it. This week I will b giving you highlights fro TGS, with info on Crackdown 2, Dead Rising 2 and Ninety Nine Nights 2 (all the 2’s basically). So check back here for those articles and keep gaming!



Its finally coming

Ever since i have played street fighter IV, I have fallen in love with it, Fallen inlove with the battle system, the 2d fighting style and the characters.

Speculation had been circulating round the Internet the first quarter of this year talking about Marvel Vs capcom 2 coming to Xbox live arcade and PS3 network. At E3 this was confirmed! 

Leon was excited I’m sure as hell excited and cannot wait for this gem to make its full on appearance come late July.

So here for you viewing pleasure is a trailer and some tasty game play footage. 🙂 Cannot wait!


Nothing will be changed from the PS2 version. But what will be added in online multi player. All 50 characters will be back.

This will be a fighting game to rule them all.


The Maw – (XBLA)

I really should have done this review sooner but as i have been busy with uni and stuff iits been a bit of a perlava. But be rest assured, next friday all my work is being handed in and i will catch up on the blog 🙂


From an early-ish age I went through a stage on the ps1 where i loved 3rd person plat formers. Spyro and crash Bandicoot were my favorite ones, but i also played Croc and pandemonium which i really enjoyed.

So when The maw was up for download some time ago I was pretty excited, but skint. I knew i had to wait till at least my new student loan came in to get it. So low and behold it did and then the game started downloading to my hard drive.  I had played the trial game and i thought it was a pretty solid game. Paying the full version was enjoyable.

The game is based around an alien who is abducted by what seems to be some sort of organisation collecting species of alien. Your character is dragged into a holding room where all sorts of species of alien are held. Including a purple blob with sharp teeth and one eye. Now i just like to highlight here that the game has no dialogue as such, its more noises that express how the character is feeling, which i think is very well done in the game and a nice touch that gives it a cute tone.


So the space ship eventually crashes on a planet and you and the blob are stranded on the planet. Now this game is based on a lot of assumptions, meaning you can easily make the story your own. So without giving to much away my way of interpreting the game was the space ship crashed on the planet it was going to anyway because as you progress though the levels you bump into all sorts of armed guards, force Fields and turrets.

So at the start you gain a lead which you can either pick up objects with or lead maw around. Nice little touch here id like to add is if the maw is some distance away from your character and you press x to attach him to the lead, your character will call for him, saying maaaaaaaawwwwwwwww or maw? which i really liked.

As you go through the levels you have to feed the maw to progress, feeding it living creatures that are living on the planet. Small fur ball things known as Yums are the generic food for maw, where as other creatures like a fire dinosaur thing, will give him certain powers to aid you through the level. The amount of thought put into the powers that maw can get is considerably high, and i like the way they aren’t just focused on generic Element powers (fire, water, earth and wind).


The levels in the game are relatively simple (so simple there is no physical way of dying or failing the level) so this game is defiantly fun for all the family even though i would of like a little more challenge with this game i still think it is a good game to wile away a couple of hours.

Graphically the game look vibrant and beautiful. When i first saw it i thought this is how Spyro 1 would of looked for this generation of console. There was no glitching as far as i could see, but apparently Leon played one level and managed to get maw stuck meaning he had to restart the level again. But i haven’t come across anything like that so the game must like me better :p.

The control system is simple and straight forward. With the sci fi lead you pick up at the start the main thing you use throughout the game. You can grab other creatures with it, as well as flinging them either across the map of to maw to eat. Later levels give you a new system of game play where you have to control a space ship which is a welcome change to the game play.

Now before i finish i got to say, when i downloaded this game i did get the 2 downloadable ‘deleted scenes’ Brute force and River Redirect which were available at the time. I then played through the story line. I expected the deleted scenes to be at the end of the game, but they have been placed into the game seamlessly. Making it seem a whole game with nothing added on the end which i really liked.

The 3rd downloadabe level called the speeder lane does very much the same, even though i did play that level after i completed the game.


To sum up, if you want a simple game to make you have a laugh, have a warm fuzzy feeling inside and give you a bit of nostalgia from the days you played spyro 1 and croc then this is a game for you. But if your after a challenging rough ride best keep a distance.



First glances at :Dishwasher dead samurai(XBLA) Flock (XBLA)

I Know I know . What am i thinking? 2 demo reviews in one post? I must be mad? And these games don’t even link in any way!!

Well to be honest with you I haven’t updated the past couple of days and I gave both trial versions of this game a run through last night. So what the hey here it goes!

Dishwasher Dead Samurai:

As much as i love te genre, wen it comes to hack ad slash games of any kind i always approach them with caution. I think somewhere in the back of my mind sub consciously i think that mashing a lot of buttons to kill enemies doesn’t sound like fun. But as i say sub consciously :p

When first playing the dishwasher trial What really grabbed my attention was the seedy Gothic ad very dark nature of the game. Its aura gave me chills from the start menu so i had high hopes for it right from the word go.

After a short comic strip cut scene (which was pretty cool added to the feel very well with its graphics novel esque storyline) I was straight into the action. You play as the dishwasher. A guy who finds himself in an empty back room of a kitchen with 2 meat levers in his hands. You are being hunted down and you don’t know why.

When I killed my first enemy my mind almost immediately thought Castle crashers! But after playing it a little more I soon found out that it was its own game. The feel of it, the combat had its own feel and the game just felt better, the combos are easy to string and the challenge is defiantly there.

You have strong attack, light attacks messy finishers and normal fishers, you have the ability to run up walls, combo in mid air and just unleash evil hell on your enemies.


I only played the first level (which is standard for Xbox live arcade demos) but to m this game has a lot of potential, it has co op mode and arcade mode which i am yet to explore. For 800 MSP i think its time for m to dig deep into my pockets and scrounge up some cash.


Ok so what would you say if i said a game where your an alien spaceship that has to abduct farm animals? Sounds pretty hilarious and a little weird. But does it make a good game concept?

Having played the demo i am going to say Yes, yes it does! The idea behind flock is tat you have to guide animals through maze type levels using a flying saucer, with tractor beams, and compression beams (there could be more i am sure) you then have to fill up your quota of animals an the faster you do it the better your rewards.

Ever heard of  the saying simple is effective? Well it sure as hell works here. But don’t get me wrong the game has had a lot of thought put into it. Each animal you round up is unique in same way. E.g. if you round up cows and keep pushing them, they will eventually stampede, Pigs roll easily and are attracted to mud piles and sheep shrink in water. With all these ability’s and quirky stats it defiantly gives this game a good sense of humour as well as a great element of challenge.

But that’s not all, in some levels there are crop circles you can make, make the right crop circle and you will get a point bonus, but be careful, everything costs time, and the faster you do the levels the better!


The graphical look o this game is very pleasing to the eye and i believe this is what makes up most of the games 1200 MSP price tag. A little steep in my mind but as i haven’t played the whole game im not sure if its worth it or not.

Capcom again have come up with a good game which will definitely kill a few hours.

Well that’s if for my 2 xbla demo reviews. Its times like this when i need more money



Watchmen: The End Is Nigh First Impressions (X360)

When it comes to Watchmen I am a huge fan as some of you may well know. With the release of the film (which i am seeing on Wednesday night and cannot wait) They have released the first of the episodic downloadable games for the PS3 network and the Xbox Live Market place.

I have been skeptical about this game, as with my previous posts i have outlined what i feel about game t film film to game conversions. Never the less i downloaded the watchmen: The end is nigh Trail and went into it with a open mind.

The game starts off with you choosing 1 of 2 characters. You can either play as the blood thirsty horse voice vigilante Rorschach or the gadget equipped Night Owl II. I of course chose Rorschach  because he is beyond awesome in the whole Watchmen story. So i picked him.

The game then opens with a comic book style cut scene which i can see is trying to stay loyal to the graphic novel it self. But to me look very amateur. The idea of a still image with elements slightly moving just to get the idea across that people are Moving comes across a little half arsed in my opinion. But never the less as the cut scene progressed I was pretty impressed with the voice acting of Rorschach. He’s just as i imagined his voice to be in the book, but Night Owl II on the other hand sounded a bit like Fred from the scooby doo gang and i didn’t like it. You had some narration from Rorschach via his journal like in the book which then tell you that its 14 years before the events of the graphic novel, there was a specific line in the narration that brought a smile to my face. “The city is dark, as dark as Molochs heart” Which shows you that the script writers have been doing their research.


Then eventually the game play came in. Both the vigilantes landed in the middle of sing sing prison during a prisoner riot. My first reaction to the graphics was a good one, the game looks dark kinda reminiscent of the first man hunt game but for the next gen. And i liked the grimy feel of it, what really stuck out like a saw thumb was the HUD. you have 2 bars which look like something ripped out of clip art. One with health written next to it in horrible impact font (beware my graphics know how is boiling up :p) and the other in the same font but with rage written next to it. The contrast between these 2 bars and the gaming environment is horrible and really needs looking into. I understand the font and bright yellow colour link. But seriously? It look bad!

Then the enemies started to appear. I was Rorschach so i though great brutal killing time! Take down the first 2 guys with the X and Y buttons fine, then i start to realise there is a lot of rinse and repeat. Mashing of the Y button, then mashing of the X button, and some times if your lucky you get a Que to bash with Y then X. So we cleared the courtyard of bad guys and headed into the prison. Where we were stopped again, another group of bad guys spawn and hey ho you have to kill them all before you progress forward. So we did that, moved onto the next room and low and behold the room fills with bad guys and omg! you have to kill them all with repetitive button mashing to progress. My god this is awesome! *cries*.

As you can ell by this point, say about 10 mins into game play I am already weeping for what is such a great graphic novel.  Anyway so i painfully progress through the trial, there were a couple of bits where you had to work as a team with you accomplice but nothing special. And as i progressed i learned new moves such as throw (which was pretty cool when i thew a guy over a ledge onto the concrete ground) and stun. Rorschach also has some good finishers when you beat people up enough. He can also use weapons and have a special move which uses up your rage meter.
For the greater good of gaming I then went through the trial game as Night Owl II. Now  I come to think of this why the hell did I choose too? He is pretty much exactly the same as Rorschach but instead cant pick up weapons, and gets hit more. Awesome! :s. I didn’t make it through the end of the trial it was the painful to my soul.
So to some up this game I’m gonna say, there are some good references within Rorschach’s dialogue in the cut scenes which make you smile but as for game play? I’m gonna say this is trying to be streets of rage and man hunts Crazed love child trying to hard to be cool.


Game to film, film to game

I like most gamers these days dread game adaptations of films and visa versa. Even though their have been some exceptions none of the games i have played which were converted from films have never really cut the cake.

I have strong views on this topic and what i could do is just throw my 3rd year Uni dissertation into this blog post and walk away proud but A) that would mind boggle people. B) 8500 words is about as much fun to read as it is to write and C) I’m in uni and don’t have the ting on me.

The exceptions i see are good ish and the res evil films (zombies + action = yayz) and the LOTR rpg game called the third age and…..well that’s it really really. The matrix games were just milking the story line for all its worth and the LOTR games are doing the same. I don’t even wanna mention hit man movie.

So as you can probably tell i am ever so sceptical about the watchmen game which is going to be downloadable form Xbox live when the movie is released. When i first heard of this 2 things came to mind. 1) Download the game meaning short meaning playable advert meaning FAIL! 2) Probably big download meaning need another hardrive meaning immediate FAIL! But i thought what the hell lets have a look on you tube to see whats what.  2 words caught my attention. Prequel and episodic. This stinks of fail to me, if and more has anything to do with the prequel story line then i would be plenty happy, but i don’t think he does. I think the story line is gonna get a butchering and so is my hardrive if its episodic.

well judge for yourself i remain….sceptical


And Finally!

Yesterday saw the release of GTA IV: The Lost And Dammed. I traded in some of my DS games to get the MS points i needed to download the 1.78 gig file but, that’s right you guessed it the master of lag strikes again! I started downloading about half 8 yesterday morning. got to 40 odd percent and then i had to pack my console up for games club. came back around half 5/6 ish and it got upto about 67 percent and froze till about midnight where i went to bed. Only at 8am this morning it felt like downloading the rest of it. I mean flipping heck!!

Anyway i have played the first couple of mission. And if your a GTA fan by any stretch of the imagination and have GTA IV for your beloved 360 then i suggest getting on said band waggon and purchasing this gem! Its packed full of goodies. 6 new weapons, 17 new bikes, an awesome protagonist by the name of Johnny, a good selection of mission, side mission and Minnie games. All mounting up to a 3rd of the game play the original GTA IV was. For a DLC that pretty amazing. well worth the pain and the wait. That’s another 10 hours of my life gone :p

As i am here i might as well talk abut the long over due Halo wars demo overview i was going to do.

Now when it comes to RTS games I either A) love it when I’m in the right mood or B) think oh my god I’m so bored give me an FPS game now before i die.

With halo wars its very much option A! If you don’t already know this is the first RTS game to be constructed just for a console (so yay its not a PC port) The controls have been constructed with the console gamer in mind and they work fantastical, using the analogue sticks and the 4 face buttons to there limits.

When it comes to story, this game seems solid and works well as a prequel to the halo trilogy. The cut scenes are beautiful to look at, I’d say they are on the same graphical level as the new final fantasy XIII trailer and that’s saying something. A lot of work has gone into the rendering. The graphics in game are good also, the motifs keeping with the halo franchise well. But as its an RTS game the game play graphics in my opinion aren’t really an issue.

So just from the demo i can safely say this game is going to be a hit and if i can scrounge the money together i will be preordering it.

One final thing!

The New web site is going from strength t strength. In the next month i am hoping to register the domain this will then be the url for the new review site, I am also looking for staff writers to get this thing on a roll. I’ll be looking to see if anyone is interested in the next month or so.

well that’s all i will do some more reviews and get back into the swing of thing soon. watch this space