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Tokyo Game Show 2009: The News So Far.

One day I would love to go to Japan. Take in te sites, culture and general Japan life. Thats probably a long way off yet, but latest news from Japan is, the Tokyo Game Show is in full swing and brining us some information. So without further a-do, what are the big announcements so far?

Microsoft announces Project Natal Developers:

At TGS this year Microsoft announced the developers that are going to be making some games for the Xbox 360 hands free kit, the developers are as follows:

Activision Blizzard
Bethesda Softworks
Disney Interactive
Electronic Arts
MTV Games
Namco Bandai
Square Enix
THQ Inc.

Hmmm this could be interesting. Will we see a hands free Metal gear, Rockband, Final Fantasy, Guitar Hero or resident evil? We all know about the PS3 motion controller working with the revised edition of Resident Evil 5. So is Natal going to get he same treatment? Keep your eyes peeled.

Splinter Cell Conviction Gets A Release Date:

All you american gamers out there mark your calendars and get your gaming diaries out, as the new splinter cell is planning to hit US retailers February 23rd. As for UK and EU? well lets jus hope its at least a week after!

Microsoft Ups The Size Of XBLA Games.

Back when the arcade first came out for XBox LIVE there was only a 50 Meg cap on live arcade games that could be sold. That soon changed to 150 Meg as the arcade got more popular. But with recent arcade games such as Shadow Complex and the stand along Command $ Conquer expansion. It has been announced that the XBox LIVE Arcade game size cap is now a whopping 2GB. Might have to get that limited edition 250GB console after all.

PlayStation 3 Motion controller release date confirmed.

Leon is gonna love this! Spring 2010 is when all you PS3 gamers out there ill be able to get your hands on the PlayStation 3 Motion bundle, including Motion wand and PS3 eye camera. Yay for bloody motion controls!

For news stories thats about it. This week I will b giving you highlights fro TGS, with info on Crackdown 2, Dead Rising 2 and Ninety Nine Nights 2 (all the 2’s basically). So check back here for those articles and keep gaming!



Sony Hits All Markers At GamesCom '09

gamescom 09 sony 1

Greetings PS3 and all sorts of Sony entertainment system fans. The Games giants of the Japan world have spoken.

Sony  a couple of hours or so ago had their press conference in Cologne Germany at GamesCom and rumors have been confirmed and some interesting announcements have been made.

Here is the low down:

Playstation Home Update

All PS home nuts are in for a treat with the announcement of  Audi bringing its brand into the home system as well as a Sing Star space, which has interactive dance floor, music quiz and much more.

Digital Reader For PSP and PSN

Marvel comics in readable digital mode to see on your psp and ps3. Nice! confirmed are: Spider-Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Playstation MiniS

Ever wandered what Sony’s answer to the Apple app store was? Well here it is, if you log on to the PSN store through your PSP the new miniS section will supply miniature sized games which only are 100 MB maximum. Sounds pretty neat, EA have confirmed a Sudoku. This will launch with the PSP go!

PSP Go and  EU!

Sony fans in Europe who buy the PSP go at launch and register it on PSN within 10 days you will get the new Gran Turismo PSP absolutely free! Now that’s awesome!

2 New Heavy Rain Characters!

If you were a fan of Fahrenheit Heavy Rain is for you, A game wrapped up in desperation, depression and guilt but sure as hell looks awesome! The first character announced is a woman called Shelby who is an investigator on something called the Origami Killer case. Then there is Ethan who Loses his child in a car accident and has to fight his inner demons. No sunshine and lolly pops here, sorry kids.

PS3 Slim Confirmed!

The rumours were true and it has been officially announced. For £299 you will be able to get your mitts on the 120gig PS3 slim from the first of September. Enjoy!

And that was it from Sony at GamesCom. some nice announcements. Now i must find some money for a PS3 slim *digs around in wallet*