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Crackdown 2 Will It Have A Niche Or Be A Full Blown Classic?

For me sandbox games can be big either hits or misses. The GTA series has always been a big hit for me, and possibly the rest of the living, breathing gaming world. True Crime? Was a miss, tried to do what GTA did but take it down some what, which led to clunky game play and just genral rubbish.

Now Crackdown was a game I happened to come across for about 7 quid in my local Gamestation, pre owned. I thought what the hell and gave it a whirl. The idea of super human cops in a sandbox enviroment shooting up the place was awesome, and to my surprise it was executed well. I was quite impressed with the games lack of story line, lets kill things till the game ends. It does make me want to go back for more, and I am still not sure to this day how Real Time worlds managed to pull it off.

With the surprise success of Crackdown (and not because it was just a get out of jail free card for the Halo 3 Beta) Crackdown 2 is on he horizon. So what is this next installment going to offer us sandbox addicts? Lets find out.

Here is a bit of background for you. Crackdown 2 is not made by RealTime Worlds. It is in fact being made by a company called Ruffian Games. Why? Well some guys from RealTime decided to go rogue and have now created their own company, taking Crackdown with them. nice.

Carrying on from Crackdown 1, it seems the city you once cleared of criminals now has something of a new threat. A viral out break that has sent people zombie crazy (This storyline in games never gets old) So the city has gone through some what of a metamorphosis, places have been cordoned off because of riots (weather that will effect the police I have no clue) there will be a lot more derelict and destroyed ares of the city, new building will have appeared, and some familiar sites you knew from crackdown 1 will be there. So it will still be Pacific City, it will have just changed.


So how did all this polarva happen? Well on of the shi-gen factories on the first game which you happened to blow up housed this viral disease. So yeah its all your fault. Well done! So the agency was driven back by the outbreak and now you only have control of the Uber tower in the center of the city. A new group known as the Cell now control the city, they are a group that is described as “one that exists on the fringes, piecing together rubble into safe houses while fighting back at the maniacs.” It sounds to me like this story has more of…well a story. So I am pretty excited.

After doing some more reasearch I have found out yet again that this game is about cleansing the city and restoring it. But and this is a big. BUT. The repetition from the last game will be less prevalent, Ruffian Games told game informer a while back that “Your influence in the world has effects across the rest of the city.” Meaning there will be more mission based scenarios. I also found out that the infected humans are not huge fans of bright light, meaning some missions will be set underground to tackle the viral outbreak. But the one thing that really made me smile is that when night falls, the freaks come out, meaning that your in for one hell of a joy ride battling these things above ground at night….Awesome.

The skills are back, I mean it wouldn’t be Crackdown if you couldn’t level up your super soldier. But this time they have been revamped and changed some what, with each skill you will acquire new abilities such as agility will unlock you a dash move, and driving will unlock a nice agency helicopter. Not much has been said about the other abilities, but looking round I hope there is a great fighting move to be unlocked, as the Cell and the infected have been said to be pretty danm difficult to slaughter, especially the higher level infected which I quote “The top level freaks are almost on par with the player-controlled agent.”


As with all new games such as this your are going to get a host of new weapons, my particular favorites are the ‘mag’ grenades which are magnetised so expect to stick them to vehicles and the like for some explosive fun, and the UV shot gun which shoots light at the infected. Sounds damn cool.

The game will host 4 player Co op and multi player, so you and three of your mates can take on the new hell hole that is Pacific City together.

This is all sounding great to me, cannot wait till its release, Might go off and play some more Crackdown 1 now.


Thinking outside The sand box

When it comes to sand box games I always used to swear by Grand Theft Auto. When i played GTA 3 for the first time i was hooked. It was just a shame that it happened to be on my mates PS2. I remember spending the whole night i was their just running around killing people, running from the police and squashing everyone in a vast array of cars.

For me GTA 3 was the best game ever.


Then there was GTA Vice City, GTA San andrease and GTA IV, Also not forgetting vice city stories and liberty city stories. These were all well and good, letting you kill for fun if your board of the story line, giving you that sense of freedom to do pretty much what the heck you want.

Then you started to get the GTA clones. The getaway which i never played was apparently as good as GTA 3 if not better. But after doing some research that game failed due to its lack of open world sandbox game play.

Then there was true crime streets of LA. Which i did play, it was not bad to play but lacked what GTA had, and that was the griminess, the smoother graphics and the atmosphere of being able to do what you want. I dunno if people agree with me here but GTA 3 felt inviting as an open world where as true crime had an atmosphere as such that pretty much told you to do missions.

That’s how i felt anyway


Then the next gen games kicked in bringing GTA IV which was outstanding and still is. And saints row and saints row 2. Again, not my cup of tea. The saints row games were to ‘ghetto’ and ‘in da hood ‘for me (this is why i wasn’t really a big fan of GTA san andrease) and to me the colour choice for the game was too bright for the subject matter. In some ways Saints row was trying too much to be like the original 3d sandbox that is GTA 3. With the mute for a lead character and the simple game play which lets you run a muck every now and then. But trying to improve it as well which for me at least just failed.


What am i getting at with this? Well the bottom line really is if i wanna great sandbox game to do hat i want i stay loyal to GTA and GTA only… Well until now.

Last week i picked up a copy of Crackdown for no money at all and until now i never thought a game could equal GTA as a great addictive sandbox game. But crackdown has it. Best way to describe it is it has all the charm of GTA3 but on acid! 

You can level up your character in ares of skill shooting, strength, driving, agility and explosives and the greater these get the more powerful and damn right crazier your character gets, before long you can jump buildings and throw lorries at people. Its truly a different kettle of fish! even though it is a cell shaded game using bright colours. It suits that game because it is so over the top.


After plaything crackdown it got me thinking yet again about Prototype. Leon kindly gave Plus XP an up date about the game and i haven’t stopped thinking about it. The souped up powers you get with your character much like crackdown. But at the same time there is a war going on with a virus that takes over people, the army and your character. The 3 way war between these 3 elements really almost makes me salivate. 

So will Prototype live up to my expectations? or will i just stick to crackdown for my over the top open world fun? We will probably find out in a month or so.