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AdHoc Party – Online gaming for PSP (Dissidia and others!)

Over the last couple of days I have been playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy– something I have been quite looking forward to. I have really enjoyed playing the title, and recently discovered that it could be played online. However, doing so is fairly confusing – mainly due to the fact that the game comes with Ad Hoc multiplayer only. So wait, I say the game is only local Ad Hoc, yet it can be played online?

Thats right – on the Japanese Playstation Store, they have released an application called “Ad Hoc Party”. This isn’t just for Dissidia, but can be used for all games with Ad Hoc multiplayer functionality, such as Monster Hunter.

Although the application is free, the hard part is getting it, and using it – seeing as its only officially been released on the JP store, you’ll have to traverse through confusing Japanese pages and the like to find what you’re looking for – but fear not – Plus XP is here to guide you.

You will need:

One PSP with up-to-date firmware and copy of Dissidia: Final Fantasy (or other Ad-Hoc game)
One PS3 with a working wired (Ethernet) internet connection
One friend/contact who also has everything – forums often have social areas for meeting other players if need be
A little patience – it’ll be worth it!

So assuming you have all of those, we’re ready to go!

First off, you’ll need to create a Japanese account on your PS3.

Creating a Japanese PSN Account

1) Create a new user profile on your system, name it something like “PSP Ad Hoc” or whatever you want, and sign into that account
2) Hook up your PS3 to the Internet, and select “Sign up to Playstation Network”
3) Select “Create a New Account” on the first page
4) Click “Continue” on the next page

5) On the next page, make sure to select “Japan” under Country of Residence. The text will now all turn into Japanese, so make sure to pay attention now – ignore the second option; the last of the three options on the same window are asking for your date of birth. Fill this in with anything, just make sure you select a year earlier than 1990 so that your age is over 18 (otherwise you may be locked out of certain age-restricted content in future). Now press down on the d-pad, and press X on the third option in the bottom row, which is the “Next” button (this is where the button will always be, usually greyed out if the page is not yet completed).

6) The next page is the general agreement information, press Down to highlight the text, then press Right to get the cursor down to the bottom of the page where you can select the Next button to continue to the next page.

7) Next is your e-mail and sign in information. You’ll need to enter an unused e-mail address in the top box (you cannot have multiple PSN accounts on the same e-mail address) so you may need to create a free email account online if you don’t already have a secondary one. Once this is entered, the next two fields are password and password re-entry, so fill them both in with the same password – you must have at least one capital letter and one number, with at least six characters. Check the following tick-box so that the PS3 will store your password for the future.

8 ) The drop down list next is to choose a ‘Secret Question’, so skip this box and enter anything into the following field – either remember this answer, or just make sure to remember your password (although hopefully you shouldn’t ever need it if you checked the box to save your password). Go down to the bottom and press the Next button once more.

9) Press OK, and the console will now ask your to create a unique PSN ID. Enter anything you like (this cannot be changed later) and press X. If you have entered an unused name, press X and the Next button should be available to press to continue. If you get a message and the Next button is still greyed out, you need to try a different name until you find something unique. The online ID must be 3 to 16 characters and can consist of letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_).

10) Once you have successfully created an ID, you must fill in a couple more fields. The next page asks for your Forename, Surname and has a drop down menu to choose your gender. Fill in the name fields with anything, and then skip the drop-down menu, since it is optional. Click Next.

11) On the next page, the first field must contain a 5-digit number, so enter something like ‘12345’ or similar. You MUST select the second option in the next drop-down menu, and then enter any random characters in the remaining four fields. Click Next.

12) On the next page, leave the check-box blank and click Next.

13) Scroll down to the bottom of the next page, and click Next once again. After a couple of seconds a confirmation screen will appear, with a button for the Playstation Store. Press X, then a sign in screen will appear. Press Sign In. You should now see the Japanese Playstation Store boot up, which is where you’ll want to be for the next step.

This account can be used for all of the general Japanese Playstation Store content, including some free themes and demos that are exclusive to the JP store – although its up to you if you want to work your way around the foreign options.
Downloading Ad-Hoc Party

The hard bit’s over now. All you need to do is this:

1) Open the Playstation Store by selecting the Bag icon under the Playstation Network section of the XMB of your Japanese username.

2) Scroll down to the bottom option of the Playstation Store list, and press X

3) Press X on the first option, then on the first option once again.

4) You will see a load of different icons, you’ll need to let them load for a second – scroll down and you should find two that are green squares with white stick figures on them, one of which says “video”. You want the one that does NOT say Video. Accept the download.

5) Once it is downloaded, you will find the application listed under the GAME section of the XMB.

Setting up and Using Ad Hoc Party

1) Before booting the application, you must register your PSP to your Japanese account. To do so, select the Register Device option under the PS3’s Settings category, and select PSP, you will need to attach your PSP to the USB port of the PS3, and select USB connection to complete the registration.

2) Once this is complete, boot Ad Hoc Party. You will be greeted with a green menu. When navigating these menus, use the O button for pressing buttons, and the X button to go back – this is the standard layout for Japanese playstation software.

3) The first time you use AHP, select the top option, and press O on the various agreements.

4) Once that’s done, you can then press X to return to the top menu, and navigate down to the third option on the menu. Press O.

5) The console will now search for your PSP. Make sure the WLAN switch is set to ON, and boot up your game.

6) Enter the wireless play mode of your game, in the case of Dissidia, you must select the Online Lobby under the Communications Mode menu, and select any one of the lobbies. This will then connect you to the PS3,and you will see the name of your PSP appear on the PS3 display. You can then press O on the PS3 controller to accept the connection.

7) Return to the main menu by pressing the X button. Once you have done so, scroll to the top option, and press O to open the world viewer.

8 ) The world viewer consists of 10 worlds labelled A-J. You can use the L1 and R1 buttons to scroll between worlds – currently, J is a popular one for English speaking players. Once you have chosen a world, you need to choose a room. Each world consists of 64 rooms in the form of white segments that form a ring. A red stick figure on a white block depicts a room at full capacity, a blue stick figure represents a room with players, and grey stick figures are empty rooms. Use the analogue stick to select a room, each one is numbered from 1-64. Press O and it will zoom into that segment. Press O again to enter the room. Any room is fine, as long as you and your friend are both in the same room – such as F-16 which can be found on the far right section of world F’s ring.

9) Once in a room, you will then see stick figures representing players, and houses representing peoples games. You can press START to type and chat, and using the analogue move the cursor. Pressing O with the cursor will allow you to either move to that location (the top option), or create a new game (the bottom option).

10) When creating a game, you will be given a menu with five options. Pressing the top one will allow you to edit the room name,and the second will allow you to edit it’s description. Press O on the left of the two buttons at the bottom to accept your game.

11) You will now be taken to a ‘lobby’ screen which shows your game. Your friend can then join your room, and you can play as if you were playing locally. Next to their stick figure on the Ad Hoc Party lobby is a PSP icon, if it’s lit up you’re good to go, if not you’ll need to reconnect to the in-game lobby of what you are playing, and it should light up. Once all of the competing players’ PSP symbols are lit up. you’re ready. In the case of Dissidia, you will need to both select the same Dissidia Lobby as well (Baron, Midgar etc). You should then see them in the game’s lobby, and be able to challenge them to a fight!

It’s a lot of work, but once Ad Hoc Party is set up its fairly simple to use. Sadly, due to the language we don’t really have perfect control over some of it’s more detailed features, but this should help you do what you need. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing an English version in the future – but until then, this is the way to go.



Plus Xp Ups Its Game!

Games journalism has really grown for me in the past month, this has triggered a lot of thinking on my part. I mean I started Plus XP as something to vent out my opinions on games, then it soon changed to something Leon and I did. Regardless of the fan base or whatever, we love writing about games and this was the perfect place to do it. It didn’t matter if they were old or new, it was just a place for us to vent out all thoes opinions we had about games and hoping on the off chance someone listened.

Looking at the number of  hits the blog gets I notice we have come up with  small fan base, and to see more than 10 hits a day, even though it is a small feat,  brings a smile to my face. So keep it going guys its awesome.

But as you full well know, in the past month or so I have been recruited to another site as staff writer. This has shown me that games journalism, is something that I really want to do. Hell I know I still need a bit more practice yet but with the training I am getting, my passion for writing about games can only get better really.

I bet some of you there are thinking ‘where the hell is he going with this?’ Well Plus XP has applied for and obtained its first ever Press Passes to a games Expo. This is huge news for the site. Plus XP will be heading to Eurogamer Expo 2009 on the 30th and the 31st of August.

As this is such big news for us we have decided to up our game a tad. If we plan to get some good coverage at this expo we need some hands on deck,  there is only so much Leon and myself can do over 1 or 2 days. So in the next couple of weeks you will see posts being submitted by the Author Plus XP! These posts are posts written by contributors who will help us out at the expo and possibly, if they want to, have constant contribution on the site. Our first contribution went up yesterday by our first contributor Ray, if you were unfortunate to miss out click here (or if you happen to be on the Plus XP front page its just a case of scrolling down)

Anyway that’s enough boring talk from me. I will give you guys something nice to read later. Just thought I would clear things up.

Oh and also make sure you check out the facebook page discussion board. If there is anything you want covered from the expo (or you just wanna say Hi to the team) do it there.

Also all you Twitter fiends out there follow us!



Skint, Bored Or Just Unsure? These Top 5 Demos Will Sort You Out!

There is probably a fair few people like me out there who have probably just come out of uni, noticed that the money fund is somewhere beyond zero and they are either playing the games they already have, trading them in or just saving what scraps of cash they find in the sofa to get the next to release.

But what happens if you are not sure what to get next? Or you are just so board with your games collection and have no money for anything new, but you just want to play something!

Well here at Plus XP have been doing a good number of game demo reviews for people out there in these sticky situations, also it also gives me some stuff to write about. I plan to wrap them up into the top 5 demo’s you must play, no particular order just the top five that have stuck in my mind.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Bman AA4

As comic book gaming go, so far pretty much all games in the genre have been pretty big misses. Arkham Aslyum on the other hand is a huge hit and even from the demo, I can safely say this is probably the best comic book game you are ever going to play.

Why? Because you actually feel like Batman, not some generic supped up character. Ok so the demo only offers you limited things like Batarangs and detective mode, but these are awesome, also the combat at the start of the demo is highly addictive, its defiantly one of those easy to execute hard to master combat systems, and it flows beautifully.

Believe me when I say this, the demo offers so much as demos go and this is actually one of the few I still play time and time again.

If you want just a little taster of the awesomeness that is Batman: Arkham Aslyum its going to cost you nothing, except 1.6 gig of your hard drive space. If you wanna know more check out the full demo review here.

Mini Ninjas


Ok confession time. I haven’t done a full blown review for this, but, what I will tell you now is that this game is in one of those leagues I haven’t seen for years.

Think Zelda, with a tiny slice of the Original Spyro The Dragon  and a bit of Golden Sun just to taste. The game itself is pretty straight forward but its the little things. The powers to become an animal, the way you ca switch between characters on the fly, the recipes you get to create potions or weapons and just the general underlying cuteness of it all that gives it its own charm. Yes its another 3rd person action game but with its own charm and defiantly one to pick up.

If you can spare 968 Meg for the demo, then do it!

Also did I mention it has ninjas? :p

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10


You probably exclaimed YOU WHAT!? in the full demo review and probably have done again. Just to set things straight, I am not a sports fan and indeed not a golf fan, but if your stuck in the same skint situation like I am, this game is surprisingly addictive, and yes before you ask there is skill behind it too, its not just a case of whack the ball and hope to blighty that it gets in the hole. Granted, I have done that a few times before but before you know it you have lost an hour or so of your life playing even the demo.

You get 2 corses in 2 modes and one tiger challenge, a healthy ammount of gaming and for 1.57 gig you cannot go wrong really. Hey its free!

Splosion Man Game Trial


An arcade game has exploded onto this top five because it is so incredibly random, simple and addictive. As side scrolling puzzle games go this one hits all the marks, the challenge is there and you get a great portion of the game within the trial.

Its all about level design and this demo has it, hell the whole game does. Its mind bending and just straight up fun. Find a friend and do it co-op.

339.7 meg says you want to at least give this trail a shot. Full trial review can be found by clicking around……here.

Beautiful Katamari


This game has been out for a fair old while, but not many people out there know about this psychedelic title. The demo is available for 432.37 megs of your hard drive space and its all about rolling stuff up and making the biggest katamari you can.

The demo doesn’t specify what to roll up either.  You can roll up people, small corner shops, cats you name it, and the bigger your katamari gets, the bigger the stuff you can roll up. You are timed but the beauty of it is you can try and beat your score each time. If your in crazy Japanese randomness pick this on up!

So if your bored an don’t know what to play, give these demos a shot, they could influence your next purchase, or like me add to the ever growing list of much wanted games.



Its Funny How Things Develope

The last week has been quite eventful for me, my girlfriend maybe getting a work placement in London, Me getting a new kitten. You know normal goals in life that give you a smile when either you achieve the or the come to you.

Putting aside the thing I have mentioned, for me this week has given me a chance to go a little step further when it comes to my game writing. The gaming site ‘One Last Continue’ have been looking closely at ‘Plus XP’ and my writing. After a few trail posts on news and stuff I have been excepted into their ranks as a staff writer. At the moment I am starting off small and will be teamed up with one of the other staff writers who I am good friends with. He will hen train me up to a standard that is acceptable then I will be set free on the site to do posts by myself.

To be honest this to me has not quite sunk in yet, sure I am passionate about gaming and I love writing about it. But the day I thought I would be writing for an up and coming site like ‘One Last Continue’ would be the day either ‘Namco’ and ‘Capcom’ would decide to make a game comprising of ‘Beautiful Katimari’ and ‘Devil May Cry’ or ‘Id‘ Decide to call the whole FPS game genre off and start going into ‘Harvest Moon’ type simulation game play.

But fret not ‘Plus XP’ will still be alive and well. There is no way this blog and eventually site will go down. If anything this will benefit the site and will make my writing better.

That’s enough blabber from me. Expect a ‘Fuel’ demo verdict tomorrow morning.



The Japanese definitely know what they are doing..

… when it comes to games and console technology. When i first started gaming the main console religiously played was the PS1 closely followed by the PS2. The two consoles were in a different league to their competitors. They had the right games, the right technology and graphics for the time and the business knowhow that comes with such a competitive market.

So here is my confession. Even though I am devoted to my Xbox 360 and indeed my Xbox last generation, I started off like many gamers as a Sony Play station gamer. In all fairness the first console i physically owned and called my own (besides my megadrive back in the day) was the original Xbox. The ps1 was my mums originally and the PS2 was a ‘replacement’ for the family DVD player.

So why am i telling you all this? Last night i had the opportunity of putting the PS3 though its paces. Now i had a bit of a run with the console when i ran Games club at my uni but then It wasn’t plugged to the internet. This one was. Now I’ve always loved the new Xbox 360 dashboard. The avatars i have taken a shine to they are great. But last night was my first walk Through Ps3’s Home online dashboard system. And even though i knew what was coming it still does hit you like a brick to the face.

For those of you who don’t know what Home is on the PS3 let me take five to explain. With community lists you usually get a list of names of your friends in you community telling you who is online and who isn’t. With the PS3’s online community system it is pretty much like The Sims or second life. You have a character in a virtual world, you have your own apartment which i like you home, there is things like bowling, movie theater, shops all sorts. Each thing linking with elements of your PS3. E.g. go to the shop for you downloadable content. Head to the theater to watch trailers. Its truly insane!

OK so there may be a few hitches still in the works, You have to download a metric mega ton of stuff to make the world seem really open, and to really put its through its paces you probably need a healthy amount of online friends to enjoy the fruits of this experience. but with that said. Sony again have thought outside of the box and have pretty much made a game instead of a community list/bog standard dashboard.

My final thought: Oi Microsoft! Look over here! Do this thing! :p



and…..we are back in the room.

Been a while i know so just a small update to keep the fans and people happy :p.

Left For Dead 2

Have said next to nothing about this new game. Another announcement from E3 that i let float by so here is a small break down!

Melee Combat has been revamped and taken into account more. You can brandish a shiny Axe and lop of limbs, heads, you name it. Good bit of senseless violence didn’t hurt anyone. With this new melee system you are gonna see alot of crawling, dragging and sliding zombies. As you can probably gather hacking off a limb is a mere flesh wound!

So as you can see this zombie kill fest has been upped slightly. Still need to get my hands on the first game at some point.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

If you can set your mind back to a small Preview from leon about this game then you will know that the latest Capcom crossover beat em up is japan only….. Not anymore it would seem. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Q4 2009 capcom fans 🙂 Here’s a sneak peak!

Little Big Planet Portable

Probably not the first person to shout out YAY but yes this little gem is coming to PSP which I own yay :p More info when i get the chance but here is a nice video 🙂


Whats to come

Small list of Reviews coming to Plus xp. I know i have been a bit rubbish lately but these will defiantly be reviewed soon:

Halo wars

Fear 2


Rockband 2

Thats about it from me. Ill be back 🙂



You can't have everything

Games games games! Now that uni has now finished that is one of the main things on my mind. One of the very few things i am passionate about in life at the moment. Maybe someday i will grow out of it? Seeing as i am my fathers son and he still plays halo with his work colleges on his lunch breaks i don’t see myself growing out of it.

For me they are my escapism from the world. But i know not all games are going to be perfect. I learnt this a while ago when i first played GTA 3. pure perfection i thought. But then there were the bugs that come with it as with any other game really, but i learnt to look past the bugs and what the game lacked and enjoyed the game for what it was.

When i review games i try to look past the bugs which other people get hung up on, look past the elements of the game which could have been and actually review the game for what it is. Time over time i see critics saying the game should have this that and the other and not actually seeing what they have in front of them. This is why to this day i still think GTA san andrease took what the fans and the critics said and took it too far. They said ok we will cram everything in. and to be honest for me at least, the game just seemed to cluttered.

Where am i going with this? Well for a couple of weeks/months now i have been following updates on prototype pretty much religiously, scanning IGN and gametrailers for the latest game play movies and stuff and to me this game look the dogs danglers. Over the top combat with wall running and insane bosses coupled with a three way war makes me go all giddy. I’ll let the videos show you what i mean:

How awesome does that look? I’ve showed these videos to a couple of people and they have picked holes….already! I’m like what the hell? how can you pick holes in that hasn’t you mind been blown away?

With things like this i just have to ask myself. Are people expecting the perfect game when it comes to games like this? Or am i just too easily excited by shiny things?