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It’s Offical. Super Street Fighter IV, Coming Spring 2010!

Having a look round just now and I stumbled across Some awesome news. You may remeber me posting on facebook and twitter about the rumour of Super Street Fighter IV? Well it’s all true 😀

So what new stuff will we be expecting from this game revamp? Yes its gonna be sold as a seperate disc in shops, but it will come with a nice surprise for any ofyou SFIV owners out there. interestin. It will also have a full roster of twenty five characters. Meaning that you will get a massive 8 new characters to play with. You will get to choose from fan classics such as T-Hawk, and brand new street fighter characters such as themysterious Juri.


This game also includes, new ultra finishes, an enhanced online battle system and refined Street Fighter IV features.

This is set to be one hell of a title. Can not wait to its release, kinda makes me wanna go play more original Street Fighter IV. Stay tuned for more info as we hear it.



Tokyo Game Show 2009: The News So Far.

One day I would love to go to Japan. Take in te sites, culture and general Japan life. Thats probably a long way off yet, but latest news from Japan is, the Tokyo Game Show is in full swing and brining us some information. So without further a-do, what are the big announcements so far?

Microsoft announces Project Natal Developers:

At TGS this year Microsoft announced the developers that are going to be making some games for the Xbox 360 hands free kit, the developers are as follows:

Activision Blizzard
Bethesda Softworks
Disney Interactive
Electronic Arts
MTV Games
Namco Bandai
Square Enix
THQ Inc.

Hmmm this could be interesting. Will we see a hands free Metal gear, Rockband, Final Fantasy, Guitar Hero or resident evil? We all know about the PS3 motion controller working with the revised edition of Resident Evil 5. So is Natal going to get he same treatment? Keep your eyes peeled.

Splinter Cell Conviction Gets A Release Date:

All you american gamers out there mark your calendars and get your gaming diaries out, as the new splinter cell is planning to hit US retailers February 23rd. As for UK and EU? well lets jus hope its at least a week after!

Microsoft Ups The Size Of XBLA Games.

Back when the arcade first came out for XBox LIVE there was only a 50 Meg cap on live arcade games that could be sold. That soon changed to 150 Meg as the arcade got more popular. But with recent arcade games such as Shadow Complex and the stand along Command $ Conquer expansion. It has been announced that the XBox LIVE Arcade game size cap is now a whopping 2GB. Might have to get that limited edition 250GB console after all.

PlayStation 3 Motion controller release date confirmed.

Leon is gonna love this! Spring 2010 is when all you PS3 gamers out there ill be able to get your hands on the PlayStation 3 Motion bundle, including Motion wand and PS3 eye camera. Yay for bloody motion controls!

For news stories thats about it. This week I will b giving you highlights fro TGS, with info on Crackdown 2, Dead Rising 2 and Ninety Nine Nights 2 (all the 2’s basically). So check back here for those articles and keep gaming!



Project Needlemouse: The Savior of Sonic the Hedgehog?

As with many people my age (early 20’s), one of the games I grew up with was Sonic the Hedgehog. The favourite game of all in my Sega Megadrive collection, Sonic was always a game that was a joy to play, and everything about it was just done so right – the fluid controls, the beautiful environments and the challenging – yet fun – gameplay. As a child I could at first not even progress further than Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic 2, yet something always brought me back. As I got older, next came Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles which were just as enjoyable and again captured my imagination and love for video games.

However, more recently, Sonic succumbed to what many series’ had done as time progressed; it went 3D. Starting with Sonic 3D on the Sega Megadrive, and then evolving into Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast, Sonic became a new game altogether. Although the games did introduce a few nice features that I liked, such as Shadow the Hedgehog and some special moves such as the homing attack, Sonic lost something in this transformation, and like a genetic flaw it passed to its children, leaving us now with the newer titles such as Sonic & The Black knight, and Sonic Unleashed.

One of the biggest problems with this transformation was the use of Sonic’s speed – no longer was the game about simple platforming and momentum, now a 3D setting found Sonic difficult to control and no longer fun to play. More recently I found myself playing Sonic Unleashed, and after some terribly-voiced dialogue and a semi-decent running section, I almost cried in horror as I played through some awful 3rd person fighting in a sort of half-baked God of War style – albeit without the fun aspects.

It was at that point that I finally admitted that Sonic had been lost to us, his finesse and awesomeness lost to mediocre gaming carrying the title of something that was once great. However, something I heard recently has caught my attention, and I secretly think that there may be a ray of hope for the blue hedgehog yet.

An all new Sonic title, codenamed Project Needlemouse is currently under development by Sega. But this isn’t just another 3D title, oh no. It’s apparently going to be a fully HD, 2D sidescrolling title. Apparently using an engine built from the ground up, the game will return to its original roots and play in a way more similar to the old series than any of the more recent titles. Currently there is no actual footage, so we can’t say whether the graphical style will or will not be returning to a more 2D design – but the gameplay sounds like Sega could finally be doing Sonic justice.

Project Needlemouse is due in 2010, although a more precise date has yet to be revealed – and which consoles it is being produced for is also a mystery. See the short trailer below for the little info currently available; we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything more.

Project Needlemouse


The Beatles: Rock Band

I remember the first time I played Guitar Hero, I was totally unsure about how I felt about playing a game with this plastic guitar. However, before long I was hooked – I had enjoyed music games such as Gitaroo Man before, but this was something else. Although not the same as playing a real instrument, it gave me a real rush and I would play the game for hours on end, a real sense of achievement when I finally managed to beat the next song that I’d been stuck on – beating Cowboys From Hell on Expert was probably one of proudest moments of my gaming life.

Since then however, the franchise has evolved – and Harmonix handed over Guitar Hero to Neversoft in order to create the next big hit – Rock Band. Not only could you now play guitar, but they had created drums and a microphone as well. Again, I was a little wary of these new additions, but was pleasantly surprised – although the guitar will always be the instrument I feel most comfort and satisfaction playing. Rock Band had a new, sleeker style than that of Guitar Hero, and introduced the idea of Character Creation, which is something I’ve always loved. Before long I was rocking out to Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria with my family and friends, and loving it.

Now that Guitar Hero introduced their own “band” play, with matching drums and mic, Harmonix is in competition with its firstborn, ever striving to create something new to up the ante. With Guitar Hero now on its fifth main title,  several band-specific spinoffs have emerged – such as Guitar Hero Metallica, and Guitar Hero Aerosmith. So it may come as no surprise that Rock Band have announced their own band-specific title – The Beatles: Rock Band.

The game has been developed with contributions from some of the original band members such as Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney, alongside some of their close contacts and relatives. The title will not be cross-compatible as the previous Rock Band titles, and is instead a stand-alone title with some new mechanics and features not seen before – including up to six player gameplay with two extra microphones for three player vocal harmony alongside the instruments. Also – whether or not this can be seen as a good thing – many audio cues such as booing and cheering have been removed, as well as any actual audio change from using the guitar’s whammy bar. This is supposedly due to wanting to keep the ‘sanctity’ of the original music, although it could feel a little lacking if you’re used to playing the previous titles. As with Guitar Hero’s band-specific titles, the game will feature virtual versions of it’s band members – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Unlike Guitar Hero’s band-specific titles, however, the track list is comprised entirely of 45 Beatles tracks, as opposed to a mix of their own titles and influential bands.

The game will include most of the regular modes seen in Rock Band titles – Story (The Beatles’ answer to Career mode), Quickplay, Versus modes, and Training. No-Fail mode has been carried over from Rock Band 2, allowing players to play the game with no risk of the song ending due to bad perfomance. Additionally, anyone playing on ‘Easy’ difficulty will be granted this privalege automatically. However, features such as in-game cash and ‘boss’ stages have been removed from the title in an attempt to keep the game simple – perhaps to appeal more to the band’s older fans who wish to only enjoy the music.

Naturally, the game will be released as both a standalone disc, compatible with the older instruments from the previous titles, and a boxed version which includes one guitar modelled to look like a Hofner bass guitar, a Ludwig style drum set, a microphone and stand, and apparently some extra content that is currently unannounced. Two more guitars are available for purchase – based on the Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars, but will be sold separately. There will also be DLC released in the future, including full albums such as Rubber Soul, and packs of small batches of songs.

The Beatles: Rock Band is due for international release next week, on Wednesday the 9th of September (09/09/09), to coincide with the release of the remastered collection of the Beatles CDs which are released on that date.

The gameplay itself looks like a solid title, although some of the regular features are missing in order to keep the game clean and simple. When it comes to a title like this, it’s really a matter of taste – if you are a Beatles fan, or music-game fanatic, this looks like a solid game that’s well worth the purchase – especially if you fancy the new three-player harmonising. However, if you’re not bothered with Beatles music, and aren’t much of a singer, its really not worth it with all the other Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles available – including Guitar Hero 5, which is due very soon.



Colin McRae: DiRT 2, Ready to Race This September

Back in the days of the Sony PlayStation or the PSOne I vaguely remember playing the first Colin McRae rally games. I have misty memories of playing the game from a first person view with, road signs flashing on the screen telling me what the next corner was, that coupled with a droney voice of a guy saying things like hard left, easy right. Maybe there was a mediocre 180 degree turn there but i’m not sure.


Now we are the many gamers of the 360 and ps3 generation and the next installment of the Colin McRae game saga is just an ‘easy left’ away (/facepalm). This is the first Colin McRae game to come out after the unfortunate passing of the legendary rally driver, and what better way to commemorate him with, what promises to be, a great rally game.

So what does DiRT 2 offer that is new to the already quite full platter that is rally gaming? Well according to IGN the game is powered by the third generation of the EGO Engine’s award-winning racing game technology. Sounds pretty nifty, how does the gamer benefit? This engine provides tuned up car handling and new damage engine effect. So sounds like if you crash you will break your engine…big time. With the new game engine you will get new level of visual fidelity, so you can rest assured when you do crash, it will look wonderful.


The game also has a nice selection of cars for you to get you mitts on, from the get go you will have available to you cars from seven classes of aggressive and fast paced rally cars.  Your garage will house the best in that particular class so there is no need to rummage through fifty million menus to get to the best car. What I think is really cool, is the first drive in DiRT 2 will be in the Group N Subaru. This vehicle was the super car from the original game. Nice touch.

With all games these days Online is a standard functionality, and Dirt 2 of course is no exception. Featuring head to head races, plus new social features that have yet to be revealed, this game is set out to be any aspiring rally drivers dream.


DiRT 2 will be out on September the 11th on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

Hey, if your in London the the 10th of September be sure to head down to The Arches for the massive launch party held by NME and Codemasters. It will feature performances from the bands such as The Rakes, Glamour Of The Kill and Dinosaur Pile Up…..awesome.



Will You Be The Hunter? The Hunted? Or The One Stuck In The Middle Of The War?

Imagine this. You are a part of a human colonist mining ship. You are on a planet mining away until you come across a pyramid structure. The discovery of this structure alerts a race of alien warriors. This alien race don’t want what is inside the pyramid to escape, but its too late, one of the most deadliest alien species is about to be unleashed.


This is the basic backbone for Aliens Vs Predator. A new first person shooter that is developed by Rebellion. The genius gaming minds that brought you the original Alien Vs Predator classic.

So what will this game offer us  in terms of game play? I mean there are plenty of FPS games out there right? Well the unique selling point of this game is that you can play all three sides. You can be the Human Marine, The Predator and The Alien. Each with their own unique play style and story line. For me this is pretty awesome, when I play FPS games I always want to play from the other side, granted Halo 2 did that by playing as an Elite for some of the levels. But for me that wasn’t enough.


I bet you’re all wandering what its like to play as each side of the three way all out war? Well as the human you are of course military trained, thing is though for some reason its the united states Marine corps, which is fine, you’d just think now that the human race can explore new worlds, you would have an earth marine corps or something? Any way as Marines this is the most frightening and horror based side to play, the claustrophobia will sink in and you will need light, which there is not much of. Lurking round any corner will be an horde of Aliens or a Predator ready to either pick you up and stab you in the gut, or launch a face hugger at you which lays eggs in you body. Sounds like a nice fun filled adventure for all the family. Fear not though, you are armed with some pretty damn cool weaponry to shoot crazily into he air when you get the crap scared out of you.

As the Predator you are on the different side of the spectrum of the bog standard marine. The shadows are your friend, you are a stalker, you are the hunter! You will have an array of weaponry that will help you in the hunt, now all Predator fans know that the Predator loves to kill staring their victims in the eyes, watching their life drain away. So the aim of the game with Predator, is to ambush from tree tops and shadows, to get the perfect kill.


The Alien on the other had I am most excited about, just to get one thing straight, Aliens is a fantastic movie and if you haven’t see the second installment then I suggest you do (best in the series in my opinion). The great thing is it sounds like Rebellion have been loyal to the Alien in this game. You are the scariest and most deadly of the three sides. You can scale walls, ceilings, pretty much any type of surface with immense speed. Its all about close quarters combat with the Alien, teeth, claws, the lot, so you will be up in you victims face. Thing is though, this could either make Alien the hardest or easiest to use of the three sides.


From where I’m standing I am assuming that the Marine will be the easy one to use: point, shoot, kill, sorted. The Predator is the mid ground, they have the ranged weaponry but they like to stalk from the dark, take a stealth approach to killing their victims. The Aliens will probably be the hardest to use, no range at all really, but it does have speed and numbers as an advantage, so this is a hard one to call.

Aliens Vs Predator is scheduled for a Q1 2010 release. Stay tuned to Plus XP for more info as we hear it.


Metroid Prime Trilogy

As you may have read before, I’m not a huge fan of the Wii’s control system – I personally find it to be very gimmicky, and more often than not entirely unnecessary. It seems to result in games that are either casual and not very fun, or games that have motion controls for the sake of it. Coupled with tacky trailers of people jumping around like idiots in their coincidentally large, empty rooms, the whole Wii fad usually just bores me.

However, once in a while it can be done well – Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was one of the few games to do so. Whereas Prime 1 and Echoes used more classic FPS-like controls, Corruption used the Wii controls perfectly. The Wiimote was used for most of the game’s Beam Cannon functions – shooting, using rockets etc, whereas the nunchuck was used for controlling movement, locking on and rolling around in morph-ball mode. I think it was partly because the Wii mote felt more like a Beam Cannon than a regular gun that made it work better than other FPS games (such as Red Steel), but whatever the reason, it worked really well, and actually felt more comfortable than the old Prime controls. Combined with a few good motion control moments such as pulling levers, the Wii version of Metroid managed to successfully use the Wii to enhance the overall experience.

Partly due to this, Metroid Prime 3 was actually the first of the trilogy I completed, primarily because it was just too much fun to put down. So recently, I was glad to come across some news that had managed to quietly get past me until now – Nintendo are releasing Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii.

Not only does this mean that you can now buy the whole trilogy on a single disc, but they have actually improved upon Prime 1 and 2, and implemented into it the control scheme from Corruption. This means that not only have Nintendo given me an excuse to play Prime and Echoes once more, theyve actually made it better in every way that made Corruption so good.

But that’s not all – as well as this, they have touched up the textures of the first two games, improved some of the visual effects and shortened the load times (this would create a small delay in some doors opening). They have also implemented the credit system from Corruption which will allow you to unlock artwork, music and other goodies with points earned in Prime 1 and 2, as well as 3.

So, if you’re a fan of Metroid and loved Corruption, this sounds like a perfect opportunity. If you’ve never played the Prime series, I’d say this is a perfect opportunity to pick it up! All three games for the price of one, you can’t go too far wrong.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is released on the 4th September in Europe and has recently been released in the US.