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Who Are We?

We are the gamers out there who love talking about games, but we don’t really like the sounds of our own voices so we write about them instead. We are those guys on your Xbox Live Friends list or one of  your PlayStation network contacts who is always up for a game of something. We play games for the fun of it, and don’t plan to stop gaming any time soon.

We love to write about games, and we love for you to read about them. So if you have any opinions or just wanna chat drop us an E-Mail the site at, or if you want to contact a staff member in particular you can scroll down to find their E-Mail.

You can even follow us on Twitter or head on over to Facebook and check out our Facebook Page.

So who are the Plus XP team?

Garvaos! – Founder And Admin Of Plus Xp

I look back at what gaming has done for me over the years and I can safely say that, for me, gaming is a part of everyday life, and has been for the best part of 15 years or so. I have played them all, Mega Drive and PC games right through to the Xbox 360 we know and love today.

I am a keen First Person Shooter player, its what I mainly grew up with. But I do love to get into a great 3rd person action like Devil May Cry, or just wreak havoc in an open world, like Liberty City for instance.

Writing about games for me is like that addiction you get to, when you have played a game  and cannot stop playing because it’s that damn good. So I am happy to be here doing this.

Garv –

Leon – Staff writer/Chief Editor

I’m a huge fan of gaming, having lived and breathed games since I was a child. Over the years I’ve amassed a wide taste in games and experienced some real works of art, and complete  trainwrecks. I own a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii. I like to review games that are both new and old – I dont like to see old games going forgotten when they’re still good!

I’m a big fan of Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and Castlevania.

Good to be here

Leon –


Sometimes there is just too much info out in the gaming world for the staff to handle. So we bring in the contributors, these guys post under the account PlusXP and will give their own in site into games, do some previews, do some reviews or just talk for a bit to fill the post count. Don’t worry though the talking will be about games.

list of contributors:

Theat Bloke in the Beanie



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